Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My First Blog!

I love reading everyone else's blogs and therefore have decided to start my own! I figure it is a great way to chronicle the day to day happenings of Jackson's life. He is nearing 18 months and I cherish every memory we make. Blogging seems like a great way to keep up with these memories.

July has been an action packed month for us. We went to the Haler in Myrtle Beach June 30 - July 5th. For those of you that don't know what a Haler is, let me explain...Clay's grandparents decided a couple of years ago that they wanted to buy a place at the beach where their grandchildren could convene for vacations. They bought a small "trailer" which was affectionately dubbed the "Haler" because it reminded us of half a trailer. The Haler has one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room and eat-in kitchen. It is the perfect size for our little family. We love getting away for the weekend and traveling down to MB. We spent our five day vacation in MB at the beach, the pool, eating out, and shopping at the outlets. Jackson LOVES the beach. He wants to be in the water as soon as we get there. Splashing in the water and playing in the sand keeps him occupied for hours.

Clay's parents joined us while we were there for a day at the beach. I have to say...I have the best in-laws in the world! They are always so much fun and are always willing to go out of their way for anyone. After a couple hours at the beach, we grilled out on the deck of the Haler with Nana and Pop-Pop. We had some of the best fish along with roasted potatoes and salad. Oh, and don't forget the wine and beer!

We returned home on Sunday which is always a little sad. It is so hard to leave the beach! We are hoping to go back in August and we will be heading to Ocracoke in September for an "adult" vacation!